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Project Featured in Glens Falls Business Journal

Concept PlanThe Glens Falls Business Journal wrote a feature article on the Town of Queensbury’s effort to revitalize and redevelop the former Ciba-Geigy site. As the article notes, “The town of Queensbury is hoping its ambitious plan for the former Ciba-Geigy industrial site will attract private commercial developers to the riverfront property off Lower Warren Street.” While it is not mentioned in the article, the Town also hopes that the proposed waterfront park and improved pedestrian amenities will enhance the entire South Queensbury Neighborhood’s quality of life. Click here to read the full article.


South Queensbury BOA Receives Award!

Photo courtesy of Nicole Campon

Photo courtesy of Nicole Campon

The South Queensbury BOA initiative was recognized as a “BOA of Distinction” by the New Partners for Community Revitalization (NPCR) at their annual summit held in Albany June 2-3, 2014. Below are several highlights from the Post Star’s recent (June 9, 2014) article:

  • “[Brownfields] are exciting, because they create development opportunities on these former, unusable properties in low-income areas. It’s a way to kick-start things to get things going,” said Stu Baker , senior planner for the town of Queensbury . “We’re very excited and happy to get the recognition for our efforts.”
  • “The South Queensbury BOA, centered around the former Ciba-Geigy property, was one of nine “Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOAs) of Distinction” for the quality of work being done at the site.”
  • “The initial draft BOA includes continuation of the town’s affordable housing strategies, new recreational facilities, development opportunities, improved site design and streetscape opportunities that focus on safety and connectivity, improved access to an enhanced Feeder Canal Heritage Trail , strong connections to Hudson River waterfront and redevelopment of the site and the Warren County Department of Public Works site to include new job opportunities and open space resources.”
  • “We’ve got to incorporate some comments from the Department of State , but we do have some recommendations we can follow through on right now, like pedestrian and bicycle access to the feeder canal and signs. We’re excited to get some work done,” he said.”

Click here to see the award.

Click here to see an overview of all the NPCR awards.

News Coverage of South Queensbury Vision Plan

TWC StoryFollowing the April 29th public workshop, the Post Star published an overview of the Queensbury South Vision Plan’s planning process and draft recommendations. The article highlighted the economic and recreational potential that could result from the redevelopment of the former Ciba-Geigy site and proposed improvements for the South Queensbury neighborhood. You can read the full article here.

In addition to the Post Star, Time Warner Cable News did a story on the South Queensbury’s planning initiative as well. As Stuart Baker, the Town’s Senior Planner, notes in the news segment, “[Ciba-Geigy] was the economic heart and soul of South Queensbury” and that “this is a part of Queensbury that doesn’t really have any access to the Hudson River.” According to Supervisor John Strough, “It’s an area that has a history of bringing good jobs and I would like it to continue to bring good jobs” and “I feel confident as long as we keep moving forward we will get there .” To read the full story and watch the video pleas visit TWC.

The draft Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) plan can be found here. The April 29th public workshop, which outlines the BOA and former Ciba-Geigy redevelopment recommendations can be found here.

Public Workshop Provides Community Input and Support

Public WorkshopOn Tuesday evening (April 29th) the Queensbury South Vision Plan Committee presented its draft plan recommendations at the South Queensbury Fire Department. After obtaining significant community input, including public workshops, economic development and recreational focus group meetings, stakeholder interviews, and meetings with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and BASF (the current land owners), the Queensbury South Vision Plan Committeedeveloped draft recommendations that are intended to foster revitalization of the South Queensbury neighborhood and encourage the redevelopment of the former Ciba-Geigy site. The two part planning process includes a NYS Department of State (NYSDOS) funded draft Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) plan for the neighborhood and a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) concept plan for the former Ciba-Geigy site.

In the coming months the Town of Queensbury will develop a more detail report for the redevelopment of the former Ciba-Geigy, including phasing strategies, funding opportunities, and potential project partners. The Town will also explore ways to implement neighborhood-wide planning initiatives, which will require ongoing community input and support. The Committee would like to thank the individuals that participated in the April 29th workshop as well as the many that have provided their input throughout the planning process.

Below are links to the April 29th Public Workshop and draft BOA plan. The draft Ciba-Geigy site redevelopment report will be finalized in coming weeks and posted the website as well. So please keep visiting and provide any thoughts or ideas!

April 29th Public Workshop (PDF Version)

April 29th Public Workshop (PowerPoint Version)

Draft Queensbury South BOA Plan

April 29th Public Workshop Announcement!

Public WorkshopThe Town of Queensbury will be holding a Public Workshop to discuss the draft South Queensbury Neighborhood economic and community revitalization initiative. The purpose of the Public Workshop is to discuss the draft NYS Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) and former Ciba-Geigy Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) recommendations. Residents, business owners, and all other interested parties are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend this important community event. The Public Workshop will be facilitated by the Town’s planning consultants, The Chazen Companies, and is designed to be a lively, informative, and interactive event.

Workshop Date & Time: April 29th at 7:00pm

Workshop Location: South Queensbury  Volunteer Fire Department

Still working away…

photo 1Although it’s been a little quite, the Queensbury South Vision Plan Committee has been very busy working on the Queensbury South Vision Plan. Since the last post the Committee has met with NYSDEC and BASF officials to discuss existing conditions and revitalization opportunities at the former Ciba-Geigy site. The Committee has learned a lot about the site’s remediation process, monitoring program, and development potential. The Committee is now in the process of preparing concept redevelopment plans that are based on the input it’s received from the community. Once these plans are drafted, the Committee will again be reaching out to the community for more feedback. Please keep checking in to see when the next public event will be held. In addition to this blog, the Committee will be sure to announce any upcoming events on the Town’s website, in the newspaper, and on flyers throughout the South Queensbury Neighborhood.

Ciba-Geigy Site Visit

Ciba SiteThe Queensbury South Vision Plan Committee, in partnership with BASF (the owners of the former Ciba-Geigy site), conducted a site visit last Thursday (June 6th). The Committee, along with NYS and BASF representatives, toured the 60-plus acre site, exploring the Hudson River waterfront, examining its remediation infrastructure, and discussing what types of public amenities and economic development activities Ciba Site Visitare possible. Based on the public workshop and focus group meetings, a variety of options are currently being considered, including (but not limited to) open space and cultural facilities, solar arrays, medical device facility, technology and support services, distribution center, and an intermodal facility (click here for illustrative examples). Additional opportunities that were discussed ranged from a regional wastewater treatment plant, a transshipment center for agriculture products or quarried stone, to a collaborative venture between academia, local industries, and/or high tech research companies. The idea of a collaborative venture parallels Dr. John E. Kelly’s (IBM Sr. Vice President and Director of  Research) recent presentation at the EDC’s annual luncheon (May 17), where he discussed how Warren County bridges the Adirondack/North Country Region and NYS’s Tech Valley. He noted how this relationship, coupled with the area’s high quality of life, could be leveraged to promote high tech environmental research and provide for new educational opportunities.   Following the site visit, the Committee is now examining these options more closely, and working to identify a few select alternatives. Concept plans and economic feasibility analyses will then be prepared for each of alternatives, which will then be presented to the public for their review and comment. In the meantime, please let us know what you think should happen at the former Ciba site!

Focus Group Meetings a Success!

Focus Group MeetingFocus Group MeetingThe Vision Plan Committee hosted two successful focus group meetings last Tuesday. The first meeting was held at Navilyst Medical (now AngioDynamics) and included representatives from the economic development community. The second meeting was held at the Town’s municipal center and it included representatives from the recreation and open space community. Participants at both meetings discussed a variety of issues and opportunities including waterfront access, pedestrian and bicycling safety, jobs, business improvements, infrastructure, and community enhancements. Following the Committee’s first public workshop, the purpose of these meetings was to obtain additional input regarding economic development and quality of life needs from local and regional stakeholders. This information, along with input from the public workshop, will be reviewed by the Committee and used to prepare draft ideas and concepts for improving the neighborhood and the former Ciba site.

30+ People Attend Public Workshop!

Public WorkshopOn Wednesday evening approximately 35 people gathered at the South Queensbury Fire Department to participate in the first Queensbury South Vision Plan public workshop. The Town Planner, Stuart Baker, opened up the meeting by welcoming everybody and thanking them for their attendance and participation. Paul Cummings (Planner, Chazen) began the formal presentation by providing some project background information. He then highlighted South Queensbury’s existing conditions and neighborhood characteristics as well as some revitalization ideas and opportunities. This included showing maps, photographs, 3D renderings, and illustrative drawings to help people gain a better understanding of the study area. After the presentation, Mr. Cummings and Margaret Irwin (Principal, Riverstreet) led participants through a group discussion. Residents and business owner offered their ideas regarding economic and quality of life improvements for the neighborhood.


Below are links to the presentation. Please feel free to review and provide your feedback!

Queensbury South Vision Plan Public Workshop Presentation (PowerPoint Version)

Queensbury South Vision Plan Public Workshop Presentation (PDF Version – No Animation)

Here’s a link to the Post Stars’ article about the workshop.

Residents gather in South Queensbury to talk about a neighborhood’s future

Town Board Meeting Provides Some Great Ideas!

Post Star Image

While announcing the Queensbury South Vision Plan’s March 20th Public Workshop (at 7:00pm at the South Queensbury firehouse), the public provided some great ideas regarding how best to improve the former Ciba-Geigy site. Please take a look at the Post Stars Boos & Bravos section for some additional information. Please feel free to offer your thoughts and ideas using the comment sections on this website.

Please take a look at our public workshop flyer and share with your friends and neighbors.