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Study Area

The Queensbury South Action Plan Study Area encompasses the area between Glens Falls and Hudson Falls that is north of the Hudson River and south of Dix Avenue. It includes the former Ciba-Geigy site, Feeder Canal and trail, and the Lower Warren Street Corridor.

Study Area Map Explorer

Study AreaBy clicking here or on the map above you’ll be able to explore a web-based GIS map of the community. Throughout the planning process additional GIS layers will be available to add to the map and explore. Additionally, if you choose to sign up for ArcGIS Online, you’ll be able to edit, save, and share maps.

Study Area Characteristics

Queensbury Neighborhood 10According to NYSDOS, a Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) “provides a neighborhood or area-wide approach, rather than the traditional site-by-site approach, to the assessment and redevelopment of brownfields and other vacant or abandoned properties.” This approach, the NYSDOS notes, allows communities to “comprehensively assess existing economic and environmental conditions associated with brownfield blight and impacted area” and to identify and prioritize community supported redevelopment opportunities that may attract public and private investment.

There are approximately 360 parcels total 545 acres within the Queensbury South Vision Plan study area. Land Use is primarily a mix of residential, vacant, commercial, and public service land uses.  In terms of overall acreage, vacant land accounts for 22 percent of the land area, commercial 21 percent, residential 20 percent, and public services 19 percent.

Based on preliminary analysis of the approximately 65 acre Ciba-Geigy property, which was the location of a large-scaleCiba Site III synthetic organic colorants plant that closed in the late 1980’s, remediation activities vary. In 1991, a 15-acre portion was remediated and sold to Warren County, which is now used by the department of public works. Additional corrective measures under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations were accomplished in September 2002. While remediation is still ongoing, NYSDEC lists the site as a Class 2 hazardous waste site. However, future remediation will likely result in improved redevelopment opportunities.

Study Area Mapping

Please click on the links below in order to access the following maps:


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